Sand Ridin' in Florence Oregon

By Noah Nelson

The Oregon Coast is a unique stretch of coastline in that it is not known for any warm water or swimming spots. However, a beach doesn’t have to be swimmable just to be fun. Our own coastline is actually home to the largest expanse of sand dunes in all of North America.

Stretching around 40 miles from Coos Bay to Florence, the Oregon sand dunes are a playground for ATVs, dune buggies, and other kinds of motorsport vehicles. The landscape, being shaped by the strong winds of the coast, contains mountains of sand over 500 feet high that are constantly shifting. Over the centuries, wind and water have transformed the coastline into a desert-like environment that is ripe for exploration. 

And the best way to do so? Hop on an ATV, hit the gas, and have fun! There are plenty of rental and touring companies to provide you with any experience you might want. ATV rentals are available to those adventurous enough to blaze their own trail, while guided tours exist to provide more structure. These tours can take you on a serene drive up the flat coast, or, they can take you climbing and falling off of massive dunes in what is basically nature’s roller coaster. Most of the time, the ride can be catered to your own personal preferences. 

You can enjoy these dunes in almost any way you want! If you’re looking for a relaxing stay in a luxury hotel, you can find one near the dunes. If camping is more your speed, there are designated areas to camp that also give you access to the dunes. Whether you want to unwind with a personal massage or a campfire with smores, there is lodging to accommodate you and your family’s interests. 

And if motorsports and tours aren’t your thing, you can always grab a sandboard and try your hand at surfing your way down 500 feet of sand. 

No matter which way you prefer to travel, you’ll find something your speed in the sand dunes of the Oregon Coast. 

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