Brasada Ranch
Your Summer Sanctuary

By Noah Nelson

If you didn’t already know, Brasada Ranch is a massive 1,800 acre resort that rivals some of the best around the world. It has already been named Oregon’s top resort destination by The Oregonian, as well as being ranked #1 in Condé Nast’s list of Pacific Northwest resorts.

You don’t get rankings like that just for having pretty views. Brasada Ranch boasts world-class golf on a course that is private to only the resort guests and members. The equestrian, hiking, and biking trails that surround and spiral through the surrounding landscape can be used to take in pristine views of the Cascade Mountain Range. 

Brasada ranch can provide you with many amenities, including an extensive 17,000 square foot athletic center fit with both indoor and outdoor pools and hot tubs, the Range House Restaurant featuring farm to table dining and an extensive selection of Oregon’s finest wines, beers and ciders, and a number of private cabins that are available to get cozy in.

However, the ranch has had to make some adjustments amid the COVID-19 pandemic. They kept as many of their services available while still prioritizing the safety and privacy of their guests and members. Below is a statement from Brasada Ranch in regards to their new policies.

“Today’s greatest luxuries are privacy, space, and solitude. It just so happens these are the hallmarks of The Ranch Life. Starting June 1, find your Summer Sanctuary on nearly 2,000 acres nestled in a patchwork of farms and wildlands. We’ve adapted our interactions, taken significant precautions, and refined our activities to allow you to focus on what matters. This summer, when you come and support our family, we’ll move mountains to support yours.”

The people who are lucky enough to live here get to experience this unique, Central Oregon high-life every day. They wake up to a fresh pot of coffee and get to take in the morning views of the Cascade Range and the wild expanse of the High Desert as they start their morning. They enjoy riding the bike trail with their kids, relaxing by the pool, hitting the gym, and bonding over sunset smores with their family at any of their outdoor fireplaces. 

Brasada Ranch is where the Wild West meets the destination resort lifestyle. Where else can you ride a horse through the High Desert, and just an hour later, sip on a tropical cocktail and sunbathe by a pool? These reasons and more are what made Brasada Ranch one of the top resort destinations in the nation.

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