The Paulina Rodeo
September 2020

The Paulina Rodeo is proudly sponsored by TEAM RHODEN    


From The Paulina Rodeo
Facebook Page…

Another great year!

Crowds of fans and competition attendees filled the grounds.\

Congrats to all that won their event.

We chatted with numerous families all first timers and such wonderful remarks how fun the Rodeo was. So glad they drove here.

Each family came from areas that normally have rodeos but all cancelled so made ours extra special.

A big thank you to all the buckle sponsors. …so generous to honor the winners.

The folks that brought Equipment and products and services all needed and appreciated.

The drawings for prizes late yesterday brought joy to many folks and a big thank you to those who donated the gifts.

The ground keepers kept everything tidy and are deeply appreciated.

The great friends of the Rodeo that donated their time was awesome.

Mary’s Kitchen will be open again today for Roping event in the Arena.

The Paulina Rodeo members and families did a fantastic job. 👍👍👍

We heard from Melissa and Adam Hopkes the Polaris winner and they were so very excited and grateful.

Put Sept 4-5 2021 on your calendar for the 72nd Annual Paulina Rodeo.

  • Photos by Gary Nolan