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Honoring Becky Breeze

Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty broker BECKY BREEZE has been awarded “The 2020 Big of the Year”

Becky, along with three other local business people, brought the Boys & Girls Club to Bend in the early 90s, so her impact on the children in Central Oregon runs deep!

She has had two Little Sisters over the years.  She and her current Little Sister, Stephanie have been matched for 5 years!

Becky Breeze is Big Sister of the Year

Honoring Becky Breeze

Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty broker BECKY BREEZE has been awarded “The 2020 Big of the Year”

Becky, along with three other local business people, brought the Boys & Girls Club to Bend in the early 90s, so her impact on the children in Central Oregon runs deep!

She has had two Little Sisters over the years.  She and her current Little Sister, Stephanie have been matched for 5 years!

Engulfed in Rage

Artist Michelle Lindblom

I grew up extremely shy and felt ill-equipped to use my voice to express whatever was happening within and around me. I was a silent bystander. Art became an outlet but on an unconscious level. I did not realize its hold on me until later in life when I came to realize that art fulfilled an intrinsic need. Creating art became a means of connecting me to my true self. Early on it was a private affair, one I did not want to share with anyone. Luckily my life experiences have helped me overcome my shyness. I now have the courage to speak up, reveal my soul, share and connect my work with the universe.



On Thursday, August 20th, First Story, Hayden Homes, NeighborImpact, and the City of Sisters collaborated to help three families move into their new homes through an affordable home program. A  key dedication ceremony took place in Mckensie Meadows, a new Sisters community developed by Hayden Homes.

Bend Artist Spotlight

Langford Barksdale

Langford Barksdale is the featured artist at the Downtown Bend office of Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty for the month of August. Barksdale has been painting since she was just a child living in Nashville, where her mom worked as an interior designer. Growing up in a family that paid the bills through art and design, it only made sense that Barksdale would flourish as an artist.


Juilan Brogi

Originally from the UK, Julian Brogi graduated from the University of Exeter in the Southwest of England. Falling in love with Oregon in 1996, Brogi became a real estate broker for Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty. Brogi fulfilled his lifelong dream of living on the coast five years ago when he moved to Lincoln City. He currently lives there and is renovating a beautiful 1954 beach house. In his free time, Julian is an accomplished photographer who uses his skills behind the camera to enhance his abilities as a broker.

INSIDE Brasada Ranch

Your Summer Sanctuary

If you didn’t already know, Brasada Ranch is a massive 1,800 acre resort that rivals some of the best around the world. It has already been named Oregon’s top resort destination by The Oregonian, as well as being ranked #1 in Condé Nast’s list of Pacific Northwest resorts.

425 Metro - New PDX Condos

boutique condo project in Woodlawn

A brand new, modern condo project has just hit the heart of Portland. Located on the corner of NE Bryant and MLK, these sleek single level condos are ready for sale and start at just $399,900.



Every labor day weekend The Paulina Rodeo rides again.


Artist Rachel D’Antona

The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2,655 mile long trail that stretches from Mexico to Canada. In 2015, after Rachel completed her thru hike in 174 days, she wanted a create art that reflected the massive journey she just completed. And thus began HIKERBOOTY. 

Kindred Matters

Bringing Fostered Siblings Together

Research has demonstrated time and time again that youth with strong connections to family (whether it be biological, foster, friends that are like family, etc…) are much more successful as they age out of the system and enter adulthood,” said Parker. “We aim to support those connections with our work, and therefore create better outcomes for kids whose life circumstances are out of their own control.


Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts

Community, wellbeing, and art; these are the values being fostered by the Lakewood Center for the Arts as they work to adjust to a new social environment based around COVID-19. How do you promote these values in a virtual world, and how do you make sure that this virtual world is accessible to everyone? 

HS Grad Starts Art Business During COVID-19

Paige Gordon

For the month of July, Paige Gordon is premiering her artwork at the downtown office of Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty in Bend, Oregon. Read on to see how this 2020 high school grad turned self quarantine during a pandemic into an opportunity to grow as an artist and as a businesswoman.

Portland Artist Spotlight

Laura Janes

Laura Janes is a fine artist specializing in painting natural forms. Her work is informed by the raw, organic beauty of the mountains, deserts and oceans. She draws inspiration from elements found in the natural world, including desert plants, trees, water, and rocks.


Exploring the sandy expanse of the Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is a unique stretch of coastline in that it is not known for any warm water or swimming spots. However, a beach doesn’t have to be swimmable just to be fun. Our own coastline is actually home to the largest expanse of sand dunes in all of North America.

Central Oregon Artist Spotlight

Don Miller

I’m Don Miller and I’m a photographer. For years I’ve photographed Real Estate and Architecture for a living but along the way developed a passion for photographing the natural world.

I live in the mountain town of Bend, Oregon. Natural beauty is everywhere and the changing seasons yield and endless opportunity to capture nature at it’s best. Within less than a day’s driving distance are places that can’t be beat for thrilling scenery.

Activism Through Art

Social Artists are Transforming Portland

Socially active artists have taken to the streets of Portland, Oregon, to showcase their work. And their subject matter? The Black Lives Matter movement, Pride Month, George Floyd, and much more. With paint canister in hand and a city for a canvas, a new generation of activists have turned to art during a time of social and political upheaval to spread their message, as well as some color, throughout Portland. 



The town of Hood River is situated right on the Columbia River Gorge and aside from an active beer and wine scene, this humble town boasts the impressive title of “the windsurfing capital of the world.”

While there are a few places on earth that also lay claim to that disputed title, any professional windsurfer will tell you that Hood River is definitely a strong contender. The high cliff walls that snake around the gorge create extremely windy areas of water that become near perfect for windsurfing.

The Rhythm of Real Estate


Where does life take you after touring with some top musicians like Keith Urban and Reba McEntire? For bassist Joeie Canaday, the tour ended up in Bend, Oregon.

Bend Artist Spotlight

Shinyeon Jeon

Shinyeon is a talented artist, writer, and teacher from Seoul, South Korea, who now lives in Bend, Oregon. Shinyeon received her B.F.A in Oriental Painting from the Ewha Womans University in Seoul, and continued her education, earning an M.F.A in Studio Art from Towson University in 2007.


Minear Ranch Estates

Purchased in 1903, the Minear Ranch Estates have represented the beauty and potential of Southern Oregon for over a century. Every plot of land was chosen and designed with every potential family in mind, with some plots granting amazing views, and others, more privacy.



Despite a potentially high cost, we can all agree that a well-equipped firefighting force is important, not just to keep the firefighters safe, but to also ensure that the general population is protected from wildfires, which have been increasing in size and severity. Not only is the average wildfire season three and a half months longer than it was a few decades ago, but the number of annual large fires in the West has tripled — burning six times as many acres on average.



“The Applegate Valley is the most beautiful wine region in America.”

This statement from the general manager of Troon Vineyard and president of the Applegate Valley Vintners Association, Craig Camp, is echoed across the Northwest from countless wine aficionados. While there is no official competition for the most beautiful wine region, the Applegate Valley would undoubtedly become a frontrunner if such a thing were to ever exist. 


Three Rivers Recreation

Three Rivers Recreation Area is an OFF-THE-GRID gated 4,000 acre private community with 600 properties. Amenities include a private marina, sand beach with swim area, boat ramps, rec hall, paved air strip, atv/motorcycle riding, desert golf course, and a gun range.

And…The drive to Three Rivers Recreation Area is simply AMAZING!

Oregon Coast Artist Spotlight

Linda Gebhart

Linda Gebhart taught math at the junior high, high school and community college level for 25 years. Before retirement from the Portland area, she imagined her next adventure. Where and what would she do? Four years ago, Linda traveled to Italy as a retirement celebration. She came home to rent a place in Cannon Beach for a year, just to see…


Merritt Richardson

Merritt Richardson was recently a featured artist at the Lake Oswego office of Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty.

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